Friday, 9 December 2011

A Merry "make-do and mend" Christmas

This week we've found our Wartime Christmas Spirit!

On monday we spent the afternoon recycling things from around the classroom!
People during the war still had christmas trees and decorations. Many people had their christmas decorations from before the war. The problems started when people's christmas things needed replacing when they became old or broken.

We thought about this, surely they could just go to the shops and buy new things? But the children remembered that things were rationed during the war and some items could be difficult to get hold of. Rojay carried on thinking...He mentioned the factories. "the factories wouldn't be making christmas decorations, they'd be too busy with the war effort"
This sparked a very long discussion about the factories during the war...

"They'd be making guns"

"Yeah and planes"

"The canaries would be busy making the ammunition!" true war time fashion, with carols playing...children singing we went about decorating our classroom!

And here is our finished Make-do and Mend Christmas...


Emily said...

Doesnt are christmas tree look nice! It was so fun making all of the stuff and its really cheap!

Love emily xxx

Mr Desmond said...

Your classroom looks great because it is so personal - you all had a hand in making it -well done

How did canaries make ammunition?