Friday, 4 May 2012


The school was awash of Blue and Red today in support of the Championship final.

Bristol City (Red) were playing the unfortunately named BCFC (blues)

And it is my great honour to share with you the winning team..

Congratualtions to the Blues and their spectacular 3-0 win over the Brilliant Bristol side!

A few stats from the Championship tournament:

Tournament Top Scorer
 Luke (BCFC)

100% clean sheet Goalie
David (BCFC)

Greatest Goal Difference
30 (BCFC)

Players award for most stunning goal
Dan E (BCFC)

Most spectacular save by someone other than the goal keeper
Dan H (BCFC)

Most sporting player
Josh (BCFC)

For the ONLY time, EVER, this claret and blue (who never wants BCFC to win) was cheering on the blues!

Well done boys, you've done a great job and made us all really proud!

But the biggest thanks of all goes to:
Miss Butler!
Because without her hard work, we wouldn't have had such a wonderful tournament! (It's such a shame all that hard work comes from a blue nose!)

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Anonymous said...

Come on bcfc! But next time win 10-0 :p love mclean x