Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Making your very own gas mask...

Good Afternoon 6W...

We've looked at different gas masks from WW2. Now its time to make our own!
First of all....

Take a template and cut it out.... Then glue it to the brown paper.

Once it has been glued to the paper it's time to cut it out again...including the eye holes and the circle at the bottom for the filter...

Now you've cut out the eye holes its time to add the protective see through plastic!
Cut out a rectangle of clear plastic, big enough to cover both eyes. Glue the plastic on to the WHITE template! 

Once the plastic has been glued in place, its time to start making the filter!

Cut out the strip of brown paper...See the little black lines? They need to be cut (but only along one edge)

Now they've been snipped, fold them over like this picture:

Glue the ends of the strip of paper together to make a cylinder...(Make sure the white paper is facing in...Ask for a length of Sellotape to secure the join)

Once its stuck together, turn the mask over so you can see the white template. Now slide the brown tube through, The ends you folded over can be stuck down with sellotape to hold it in place.

And finally...Take a square of bubble wrap, place it over the end of the brown tube and stick it down with tape!

And you're pretty much done! Just need to add a piece of string so you can wear your mask!

Looking Good!

Can't wait to see your Gas Masks! 

Miss Willis


Emily Westwood said...

I loved making the gas masks it was so fun and easy they look really cool!

Anonymous said...

Miss Willis it was a BRILLIANT after all we had mrs Savva hehehe you should of been there to make it better LOVE YOU 6W XXXXX

From Cara Kelly Y6W

Miss Willis said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Really can't wait to see them, I bet they look fab... Excited much?!
See you bright and early
HAPPY Fridays :)

Rojay said...

i loved making gas masks it was really fun.